Current Exhibition

19/01/2024 - 16/03/2024



"The wish list"

In this new individual exhibition of the sculptor Samuel Salcedo in our gallery we present 11 recent works executed in different materials such as aluminum, iron and resin, medium and large format.

In this exhibition Salcedo shows us, more than on other occasions, his special interest in the skin of the human being.

The skin of the human being and its relationship with its environment is a constant in its work and I feel especially satisfied with the works that go through the cast, both in iron and aluminium and bronze, suffer "accidents" that cause them to present irregularities such as holes, differences of color, different densities, etc. For the artist this is part of the biography of sculpture, the biography that begins at the time of birth in his studio or the cast. After life and elements, contact with animated beings and the passage of time will add new marks on this skin.

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