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The images on the sides merge into a colorful blur, a polyphonic hum, a harsh, invigorating wind pinching the cheeks, an ecstatic exclamation already tickling under the ribs, longing for release, and only this present moment.


What can compare to this feeling? "The races!" - Costa Gorel's characters would respond. Only today, on the intergalactic racecourse, the most exciting program takes place. Horsemen addicted to hippotherapy have already prepared their best saddle pads and worn saddles, ready to show their natural seduction in the Milky Way.


Next on the agenda: connecting neutron stars with rubber gloves, dangerous jumps over solar eclipses, galloping on the tail of a comet without insurance and, finally, fluid races – a competition for the title of the Best Universal Racer.


 Hurry up and place your bets, as every rider has bet on themselves. Among the favorites are: Epsilon, Eridani, Mercury, Gliese and Osiris. But who knows, Mars could have every opportunity to pull ahead and secure a comfortable victory.


What could be more terrifying than discovering that now is the present moment? And we can only experience such a discovery because the past protects us on the one hand and the future on the other," writes Virginia Woolf in the novel "Orlando." Let's enjoy the present moment and truly live it in any of the galaxies," the artist would add. Costa Gorel and his characters.


Galería 3punts

3 Punts Galeria works since 1994 in the promotion, distribution and marketing of contemporary art in all its disciplines. Our global vision of art leads us to collaborate with galleries and institutions and to attend international Art Fairs.

Contemporary art galleries are a dynamic element of the cultural scene both in our city and globally and this is why 3 Punts creates and participates in initiatives that generate the pursuit of excellence in fine arts.

At 3 Punts we are aware of the commitment of art as an essential element for understanding and improving social reality. We also value immensely the quality of the works and the professionalism of the artists we represent, generating synergies and complicities which are essential for the evolution and penetration of artistic work in the social network.

It is also fundamental for our team to promote and support new art collectors, helping them to build their collections and providing ongoing advice to enrich both parties, since learning is mutual, continuous and exciting.

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